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Hello all, my name is Daniel Rose and I'm an experienced 3D Artist who's now available for remote contract (freelance) work. I've been working professionally as an artist for 7 years and I have many shipped titles to my name. I've also worked outside the gaming industry on a number of projects for both big and small studios. 

My gaming experience includes working on-site at Sony Interactive Entertainment (Uncharted: Golden Abyss), WB Games (Infinite Crisis, DDO, LOTRO), and Bluepoint Games where I worked on the upcoming Shadow of The Colossus remake. I contributed remotely to Defiance, Arcade Artist (an HTC Vive title) and Lawbreakers in various capacities. My non gaming work most recently revolves around 360 video projects that have used the Unreal Engine, including working with at Vayner Media on a Diageo DrinkiQ experience and with Psyop on a video for the Japanese Hand Lotion SK-II.    

I don't just work with large clients, I've worked with many smaller clients as well like Motion Logic Studios, Dinosaur Games, Hero4Hire Creative, TwoBitCircus, and even smaller teams made up of a few people working on indie games.

I have my own software and equipment, including an Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers and a Google Pixel with the Daydream Headset. I also have fast and reliable internet through Verizon Fios.

My portfolio can be viewed at Artstation: https://drose.artstation.com/ or at my personal website: http://rose3d.com. I can be reached via email at [email protected]

I do accept on-site contracts, but I will not be looking for anything outside of the Philadelphia/New York City area until the spring of 2018. 

I've included a few videos and screenshots below, you can see more work at my portfolio sites. Thanks for your time!

(Environment Artist)

(Unreal Artist, Environment Art)

(Unreal Artist) 

Personal Work-All Work except particle FX

Personal Work-All work except particle FX

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Layout, Torture Chair, many of the misc assets)

3D Model (Model and Textures)

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