Will me being 26 yrs old pose an issue when job hunting?

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So I just turned 26 a few days ago and I'm planning to job hunt pretty soon (probably in a month or two) once I finish up my demo reel. I did a round of job hunting approximately a year and got nothing in terms of game jobs.

I did get an unrelated 3D job that I'm hoping will boost my CV.

Now I know ageism is a thing and me being 26, only 4 yrs away from the big 3-0 without a game job is kind of surprising. I thought I'd have an industry job by now but after leaving uni in 2013, I had no skills. So I took online workshops to better myself and the time has just flew by.

Now, I feel more ready and have been told that I definitely have the potential to land an entry level/junior role. 

I just kind of feel like it's getting late to land my first gig.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?


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