Music Composer seeking Freelance work

Hi Everyone,

I have been absent for a longtime but slowly getting back on tracks !

My main influences : Trent Reznor, Christopher Drake, Frank Klepacki, Samuel Laflamme, Chris Vrenna, Charlie Clouser, Mick Gordon for examples.

I try to be as versatile as possible and compose a little bit of everything from Industrial/Metal to Orchestral.

I am mainly looking for Paid Works so I can reinvest the funds in another project I am currently working on : HOWLING FURY.

I accept Royalty work only if your project is about to be released in the coming weeks/month and if you have an agreement to sign.

Please, notice that I DON'T do Sound Effects !

Current work(s) in progress :

-Howling Fury

Achieved work(s) :

- Overdosed : A Trip to Hell (PC / Steam)

- Stay Close (PC / Steam)

Work Sample(s) :

My Work Samples

Howling Fury OST In Progress

Stay Close : Extended Theme

Overdosed : A Trip to Hell



Deus Ex - Rise of the Augmented (Fan Made Theme)

/!\ About the Rates /!\

Make sure to check my rates below before contacting me. Do not send me emails asking for my rates.

All you need to know is below. I don't mind negociations but emails simply asking for my rates won't be answered.

Current rates (each song must not exceed 5mins) :

- $20 per song for 8 bit themes

- $30 per song for Rock/Metal/Industrial themes.

- $40 per song for Acoustic/Orchestral themes.

- $50 per song for Hybrid themes (generally Orchestral + Electronic/Industrial elements)

Decreasing amounts may apply regarding the number of tracks needed !

For over 3 songs requested :

- $5 Off on every song.

For over 6 songs requested :

- Another $5 Off on every song.

Contact : [email protected]

Looking forward to hear from y'all !

Best Regards,

- Shane.


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