Access Emissive and other channels trought PP Material?

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Hey, I need to access some channels that are not included on the "SceneTexture" node for a post process material. I am trying to get my material AO, that is there but seems to be disabled, and emissive texture. Does anyone knows of a solution for that?
I found a post on the unreal forum where someone suggest to mess with the shader's code, and make so the specular is always 0,5 no matter what texture you feed him, that way you can plug any texture you want in to the specular and use the "SceneTexture" to access it.
The problem with that solution is 1: I can find that post anymore, lol
2: I am using specular information.


edit: the reason I am doing that is that I need to map a global noise texture to my meshes trough post processing, but that texture can not move with the camera, so it need to be mapped to the meshes, the emissive channel is more like example, since maybe if I can access emissive I might be able to access any other map, including custom ones.


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