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Dizfoo null

Hello everybody,

I am developing a VR multiplayer First Person Shooter, and I am contacting you because the coder I was working with dropped the project.
This is why I am in search of a new programmer who'd like to join the project and help me, firstly, to release a demo of the game (and later bring it to a final, hopefully successful product).

In the meanwhile, I will be in charge of the Art development and responsible for the crowdfunding campagne (any project and marketing detail will be discussed later).

At the moment, almost all the Art asset needed for the demo (weapons, basic character and a first map) is in my hand, but I miss the code.

The project was inspired by TF2 and borned aiming to be a valid alternative to other VR FPS, which have improvable game smoothness. 
Thus: this should be a fast pace game with fun elements and a smooth gameplay.
That is why, in the development of this game, big attention will be given to optimization.

I am in search of a programmer with the following qualifications:
  1. Trustable, reliable and committed
  2. Owner of VR headset
  3. Expert Unreal User
  4. Experience in animation/morph targets in Unreal
  5. Experience with multiplayer programming
  6. Experience with SVN control System
  7. Possibly but not mandatory: shipped titles

I believe in Team work, thus, from the person who will join the project I will ask professionalism, transparency and clear/frequent communication.
For the team's sake, cohesion and motivation game mechanics may be re-newed and re-discussed together, I am open to new ideas to be implemented in the game (however,I would like a basic demo to be realized as soon as possible).

My partner, depending from his/her skills, competences, and mostly CONTRIBUTION will share the 25-50% of the project with me.
Everything will be done correctly upon contract approval.

Please send resumé/CV at: [email protected] (or send me a pm here on Polycount).

Waiting to combine our talent, I am looking to hear from you! 

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