[Fun project] Need an environment for a 3d blockout

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Larry keyframe
Hi guys,I dont know if this is the place, It seems like the only 2d place in this forum. I wanted to model a 3d environment but i need some help visualising it.So if you want to see your vision blocked out, lets work together. This is a fun project that I want to commit and and finish, to start a portfolio and it can be a good practise for you like having a client, though I cannot do anything more than incorporating your name and picture to my finished piece in artstation.I dont want anything detailed in general, if you dont want to spend more than a day on it, unless you like and you want to commit in finishing it. You can also post it in this discussion, if you want critiques from other people.

 I want to create a post apocalyptic poor district that has containers as houses. This district will be somewhere above the ground and attached to somewhere (meaning it will not float in the air) it can be in the middle of a gigantic cliff or a metal gigantic indoor building, matrix style. There will also be some sewer system, and maybe a couple of them would beused from people as houses as well. I will take what you create, break it down to reusable pieces and make it modular and create more districts, hopefully resutlting into a small world. This is the MUST INCORPORATE info.

The following info is what I personally envisioned,but not obligatory. What I liked is a poor ghetto-like district, with the exception that ordinary devices work differently. Lamps are not attached to walls but floating in the air with anti gravity systems.Antigravity s the key technological aspect. Some "peacemaker" robot alarms wandering around keeping order, maybe every person has a device on them which peacemakers can activate to make them behave.Since it is a poor city, some people have chained their floating lamps to their doors for others not to steal. The district has open areas, for people to move and kids to play around, but to make good use of space, the container houses are one on top of the other. This system does not have any climbing built-in ways,which makes the elderly who live in the upper containers, unable to leave their home.Those homes are for more poor families, which makes the more privileged poor families being able to live closer to the ground.f you decide to make a wall of containers, I imagine that only the young and strong would be able to leave home, climb down and provide for the family.

So I dont know if anyone digs these ideas, I hope I can cooperate with someone. Cheers!
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