[Unity Awards Finalist] Fantasy Adventure Environment - Stylized asset pack

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An environment asset pack inspired by the current 3D adventure games and of old.

Stylized vegetation dots the landscape as your hero traverses the world in search of adventure.

This package features several stylized natural assets, powered by custom shaders.

► Custom shaders for trees and vegetation, to enable stylized rendering
► Bi-directional wind animation for vegetation and tree trunks
► Foliage bends away from the player
► LOD's and collision meshes for all assets that need it
► Tailored example environment scene

► 14 types of plants
► 3 Spruce trees
► 3 Birch trees
► 3 Stylized trees
► 1 Pine and Palm tree (more variants to be added)
► 4 tree bark Substance materials
► 7 Cliffs, to support your terrain (2k textures)
► 4 small rock clusters
► Stylized skybox panorama (up to 8k resolution)
► Procedural lens flare texture
► Localized sunshaft effects
► Fog sheet effect
► Falling leafs particle effect
► Stylized rock, grass, dirt and snow Substance terrain materials, customizable
► Post Processing Stack profile and color grading texture
► Limited version of the Stylized Water Shader

Additional features:
► Cliff shader with (Triplanar) global color map and detail normals
► Plant textures are atlased by Substance, still allowing for customization, such as the color or stylized features.
► Grass appearance is completely customizable, down to the number of blades.

Under development:
- Update water shader to the beta shader from the Stylized Water Shader package
Tree billboard LODs
- More Pine and Palm tree variants
- Improved pigment map, circumventing the 4 texture limit.


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