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Vray 3.6 vs KeyShot 7

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fa2020 polycounter lvl 2
I'm an industrial designer who designs many assets as a freelancer. I use Rhino and its nurb modeling technique in my works but sometimes I use polygonal modelings in 3ds max too. Designing a precise model isn't the only thing I want to achieve. I have to render a photo-realistic and artistic shots too. So, I have to opt out a proper renderer. My choices are Vray 3.6 or KeyShot 7. I can afford one of them. Please help me to decide. I do close-up renders. Sub-surface scattering is very important materials for my works. I use procedural maps too. Which of Vray 3.6 or KS 7 is better for me? I have a medium knowledge of Vray.
Please guide me.


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