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[SDK] Heads Will Roll!

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Welcome back. We've missed you.

This is an extension of the original "Release the Heads" thread. Unfortunately the old thread has seen better days. Most of the files and images are long dead. I've bundled together the models I had on my computer. They might be a little dusty. They were like that when I got them. If any of you geezers are around and noticed I forgot one of yours, feel free to upload it. Also included is a brand-new never-before-seen thirteen-years-in-the-making head modeled by yours truly.

So what is this thread anyway?
Download the heads pack, texture them, and post your results. Interpret them however you want.
Or model a head and upload it for the community to texture.
Enjoy yourself and learn something!

What are the rules?

When is the deadline?

What are the prizes?



Some general tips if you're interested in making a head model. These are by no means rules, but should help in creating a more compelling model people want to texture:

- Be ambiguous. If you can think of two or three different ways the model could be textured, you're making a great model. Think of different settings or time periods. Could this work with both a sci-fi and fantasy texture? The more you model yourself into a specific corner the less others will be able to interpret your model in interesting ways.

- Keep it low poly. This will help you keep things abstract, be quicker to model, and make it easier to texture. The lack of definition creates an empty canvas for others to slide their creative juices all over.

- Remember, this is for other people as much as it is for you, so keep everything clean. No one wants to work around your crummy shortcuts. Just because you might not need the pixel density in one spot doesn't mean someone else won't.

- Include at least two files types. OBJ is a safe bet. In the off chance it doesn't work for someone it's good to have another file type to fall back on.


[thirteen years. fuck]


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