Walther P5

polycounter lvl 4
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james swanson polycounter lvl 4
This is something I've been working on to understand Spaceclaim, and the inner workings of handguns. I plan on a full low poly with each piece modeled/textured so it can be disassembled in marmoset later. Crits appreciated 

Update:  Mid poly here, almost ready for zbrush. Not sure how I'm going to tackle the low poly but so far my plan is to salvage as much of the SC mesh as possible, since most can be exported at low resolution and then welded and pro-optimized. It's really dirty, and not really fit for a game but that's not the point anyway. This way I can model my mid poly pre-zbrush mesh in sc, and use the same model at a lower res to finish the low poly in max. Since the model is mostly rigid it being triangulated wont be a huge issue. For anything soft weighted like the trigger spring, I've modelled it in max using quads so it can be rigged properly. 

curernt (marmoset)

Almost all pieces. Magazine is super nova currently


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