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I wanted to share some of my 3D work with everyone here as well as my pipeline in the hopes of improving my work.

I came up with 4 axe concepts all of which I like and could see being turned into 3D.

Here is how I start, with a low poly subd model made in Maya with edge loops to create my initial high poly.

I then bring it into Zbrush to begin sculpting in the normal map details. I tried not to go to crazy on micro details here as they will be done in Painter.

I then sculpt in the larger highpoly details using brushes, alphas and projecting an alpha detail mask on the handle.

Once that's done I bring in the desimated high poly mesh into 3D coat where I perform my retopology. With this asset I wanted it to fit into the world of Skyrim, so I found out the budget that game, which came out in 2011, was between 1k-2k tris. So I decided to keep it around 3k since it's 2017.

Once that was finished, I did my UVs which were done in 3D coat and Maya. I then went onto baking which I did in Substance Painter.

Finally I textured in Painter.

I have this model on Sketch Fab where you can get a better look at it.
Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this, my work flow as well as the model itself.


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