Lloyds Lust For Rust Rat Rod :)

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Lloyds Lust For Rust RAT ROD!

  • I found this vehicle sitting in the Walmart parking lot. After a quick glance I realized I wanted to turn this into my next 3d project. Luckily the owner walked out as a I was looking at it and turns out he did all the work with his son at his custom Rat Rod Shop. He found the body of the car wedged between two trees it had apparently been there for decades :)  the owner was more than happy to let me visit his Rat Rod SHop and take pics.  One of the crazy things I love about this project is the amount of crazy details the owner added for example:

  • Head lights are crystal dinner plates

  • Canvas top, is actual canvas sacks from coffee been producers

  • side mirrors are attached with teapots

  • the tail lights are teacups

  • the interior floor board is made of saw blades

Please let me know what you think!!

here is the actual Rat Rod in walmart parking lot:

I have started on the details pass still a large amount of work to be done but want to update  this post with current WIP pics:

closer look at the engine area, and curious what people think about the cushion, I feel like it needs much more love

A few shots of the block out, still needs more details in the engine area.

Here are few shots of the HP model,  in its clean stage. I  will do a detail pass in zbrush, that will include smalle elements nuts&bolts etc, wear and tear, aging.

Details Close up the more organic shapes, sculls, jaguar, grill head are more less roughed in at the moment


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