Specified groups to ignore when baking AO for future MT3 updates?

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I have this "problem" when baking ambient occlusion for these boots my current character project is going to wear.

I have all the pieces separate which would normally cause artifacts on intersections, so that's set up for baking normally. BUT, I don't want the inner space between boots get occluded, because they are close to each other, and when the character is moving its legs, that occluded area doesn't make sense. So, is the only solution to "explode" left or right boot (both HP and LP with their respective groups, and no matter which one of them though) away from another to avoid that occlusion, inside MT3?

HP meshes are a tad too dense for importing them to Blender and move them there beforehand, because it would be more or less unbearably laggy and unresponsive in Blender's viewport. But I've noticed MT3 being a lot faster with heavy HP meshes in its viewport, which is why I was thinking about moving them there.

Even though those boots are identical to each other, basically mirrored copies, the low poly is having unique UV unwraps for both of them in the same 0-1 UV space, just to get more variety in textures. No mirrored textures or two texture sets/materials for each boot, just one texture set/material for both. Not really related to this, but I just thought about explaining how I've laid out the UVs.


  • EarthQuake
    There are two ways you could handle this:

    1. Make sure each boot is in a separate bake group, this will mean they don't occlude each other in the AO pass (unless you have Ignore Groups enabled).

    2. Move the boots further apart. This will work better if you have for instance the boots and laces in different bake groups, and have Ignore Groups on to get AO between those groups.
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    FourtyNights polycounter lvl 4
    So, I'll probably choose the second option to move one of the boots as a whole away from each other because I'm going to ignore groups for everything per boot anyway. Both left and right boot already have lots of bake groups with the difference of _R and _L on the names of the objects. After this render, boots also got even more complex with added stitches. :D

    Thanks for clarifying this, EarthQuake.
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