Seeking advice ( about laptop setup )

greetings :) 
I need some advice from more those who have experience.

Here´s the thing, I will be  going on a trip for about a year, (I'm from Argentina, but I will be visiting France.I have an aunt there. and Brazil. and a few other countries). As a 2D freelance artist I work 95% of the time  at home, so this trip comes  just on time  when should upgrade my pc (mine is already 7 years old :P), but as I need to save money and also I´ll be traveling  I will  postpone this a year, year and a half. Besides, I want to learn 3D modeling and rendering.

I did my research, (and almost went nuts XD) hardware for rendering is more  tricky than  just for plain 2d. Ok so, if anyone can advice  me I will be grateful!  

I need a laptop. (because of traveling ) but  as I said. I need to save money  and also no point to burn bucks now for a laptop  because  after a year I will be building a new pc.  I don´t need a super extreme one.  IM not a hardcore gamer and I don´t care if  cpu is not the latest one.
 or the gpu is not the most powerful at this moment also I don´t care if I need to wait some more minutes, since I will be learning.

What I understand that cpu comes first, ram  more is  better, ssd and hdd and a good quality lcd  (I will be doing some 2d art ocationaly so I need a good ips screen).  

I will be using "modo" and Z brush,  and if I can something like Painter. 
zBrush is more cpu bounded so not much to say here I guess.  
Modo  relys  on open gl for viewport right ?  for what I found yes,  so. what gpu ? (correct me if Im wrong pleas)
Rendering  maxwell.octane. vray ?  I dont have a clue about them, some are gpu accelerated  like octane.
 but since I don't plan to render  biiig scenes.  

Also  since I prefer to save some bucks,  getting a  9xx m  nvidia gpu. would be enough?

What I want to achieve is  build a model and render it, like some of  Mr. Tor Frick  3D stuff (model +render).
To sum up,  a laptop with and I7 HQ  cpu.  16GB Ram, 250-500 ssd + 1tb hdd. is ok-ish?
Rest of the setup :  GPU : ?  970M ?  1050 ti ? 980m ? As for the  screen, 1080p or 4K?   I don't mind if the laptop is heavy. so better a 17" screen ? 

That's all. Keep in mind folks that  didn't bought a laptop since  peeff! like 8 years.  I was using ipads, cintiq companions and my desktop pc. 
I have  a budget of 1000 u$d  (I can go higher but I prefer avoid that), I don't mind getting  a used one on ebay either.

Regards to all  and thanks  in advance.

TLDR: I will be traveling, I need a laptop. My budget is ~$1000.00 USD. I don't need bleeding edge hardware. Tor is my hero, I use Modo, zBrush and Painter, HALP!

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