Character - Niko Bellic "Reimagined" - WIP-thread

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Hello Polycount, long time no see! :) 

I've been working on this in my sparetime (very on and off) for the last couple of months, but contrary to many previous failed projects I continue to find passion for this one, knock on wood. Things are still very much WIP and placeholder.

To first give you a clue of where this is headed, this is the rough concept that I orignially painted:

The head is so far the furthest along, so here are some wipsies:

Full body shot. I first decided that I wanted to sculpt all the cloth but have now decided to instead try my luck at Marvelous Designer. I've not yet had the pleasure of working with the program for very long so this will be a fun learning experience.

Any crits, thoughts or questions are of course very welcome!


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