Sketchbook: Sarah Wright


Hey everyone,

I figured it’s about time I made one of these threads as a long time lurker.  I’m a graduate 2D/3D character artist so expect a lot of that in this thread. Currently trying to get my skills up to the point where I can get hired! Comments, advice and critiques are welcome since the main point of this thread is to improve.

Starting this off with an almost finished project, (I debated going in with something fresh but I’ve put off starting one of these threads long enough.) Might also help me get some momentum to keep me going through the 1st couple of posts =)

Based off this concept by Missruin

I started this project to get better at my sculpting and become more comfortable in Z brush. I also wanted to play around in substance painter and learn some pbr workflows since previously all of my models had been handpainted, diffuse and normal texture only. Right now I need to do more work on the basket of leaves. Then maybe some refinement on the clothes before posing and rendering.


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