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[SUSPENDED] [PAID] Looking for modeller to create lower LOD versions of Solidworks exports

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Clavus null
EDIT: Thanks everyone, got plenty of offers to consider. Feel free to keep sending them but I might not reply!

Hi. I'm doing a freelance job for a client in the aviation cargo industry, which involves creating a VR application (in Unity with a HTC Vive) to view and interact with cargo container models provided by the client. Right now I'm running into the issue that these models are way too detailed when exported from Solidworks to .3ds, usually sporting a million or more polygons per container. While the VR application runs 'acceptable' thanks to frame warping, I'm looking to improve performance further and make things buttery smooth.

There seems to be little I can do in the export workflow to lower the poly count significantly, and automated LOD-creation tools in Unity do a poor job. Here's a preview of one of the models in 3DS Max:

(This model was 'somewhat' optimised by the client by removing holes for the screws. Basically every physical part of the container is fully modelled, which is great for when you actually have to build the physical product, but less great when you need to render it in realtime)

I have little experience with modelling myself, which is why I'm looking for an expert. The task would involve reducing the poly count without significantly impacting the visual detail of the model (it's basically the 'hero' model of the application). The materials are all solid colors, so you don't have to worry about UV mapping. Logos, textures, interactions etc are all done by me afterwards in Unity.

I'm not familiar with the industry rates so send me a quote with the fixed rate you would ask per model. I can then communicate this to my client and see if they're interested. The whole job would probably involve around 5 to 8 models, with about 1 to 2 weeks of delivery time per model. I hope this is enough information. Let me know if you have any questions. 
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