Can you help me to make a scrolling emissive with a custom shader fragment?

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Hitsu San polycounter lvl 2
Hi guys,

I have no idea what i'm doing, let's be honest here. I've been looking for days for a way to make a scroll FX with a static mask in Toolbag3 but it's impossible with the base materials (i know i can use Main > Offset and keyframe it but that will move the transparency mask as well with horrible results).

I know my (visual editor) shaders but i've never learned how to code a simple glsl one so it's like i'm looking at an alien language right now ^^ any help will be extremely appreciated!


  • EarthQuake
    Cool stuff!
  • Hitsu San
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    Hitsu San polycounter lvl 2
    This is great ! Thank you very much!
    here's a little addition

    change :
    line 7 with "uniform vec2 scroll; //name "Scroll" default 0, 0 min -5 max 5"
    line 16 with " vec2 scrolling_uv = vec2(uCustomTime*scroll.x, uCustomTime*scroll.y) + s.vertexTexCoord;"

    This way you can choose x,y direction and the amount you imput equals the speed ;)

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