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[3dsMax script] UVs Animator - small tool to create UVs animations :)

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TweaK polycounter lvl 6
Hey there ! I've been working on a small tool named UVs Animator.

That's what the UI look like :

It can create some UVs Animation inside an UVW_Unwrap modifier. It can also add animations and can produce some good results with a very low-poly geometry.

Here are a few examples :

You may find all these examples on the download page :

Download is on this page with a more complete doc.

Here's a small video showing some of the basic stuff :


If you ask yourself why such a tool, there's an old game named Re-Volt that I like, and the game engine can read UVs animation... So I tried to make something for it.

I dont know if new engines like Unity or Unreal Engine can, but I had some fun playing with animations and decided to make a more complete tool.

I hope it will be useful to somebody !  :)
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