Fantasy Knight character project thing...(WIP!)

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Hi all! 
I know I'm late to the party here but I recently bought Toolbag 3 and I wanted to test it out. So I'm making a character for funzies! I haven't completely figured out the details for this character but the idea is that he will be some sort of high-ish rank in a very powerful military empire.

I'm trying to push Toolbag to it's limits and see how close I can get to something like Arnold or Vray. So far toolbag3 is very impressive! I've thrown a ton of stuff at it and although it's chugging a little it's really amazing how well it's handing everything. (peach fuzz + stubble and eyebrows/lashes are geo from Xgen! I do plan on baking it down eventually but for now it's all geo.) For anyone interested, the eyes are using a combo of refraction and parallax mapping to achieve this result. I tried to do a full physical eye setup like I would have in Arnold and it worked great until I found out that activating SSS on a shader with refraction and alpha blending will break everything! So now I'm back to the good old current real-time method with some minor tweaks.

Anyway here's the initial results - Hope you guys like it!

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