[wip] Large scale project, Future/Cyberpunk districts

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Larry keyframe
Hey guys, i wanted to start exercising on environmental/prop modeling, so i had this "awesome" idea to ask my best friend to describe me a scene that he would like me to create, like being my client. And he wanted to make this city that is above the ground, poor and rusty houses being CONTAINERS, but futuristic, and he wanted gap between the houses being connected with bridges.

He gave me this reference for the style

and this reference for the layout.

So, incorporating all these, and with one reference that i also found, i thought that i could pile up the containers, and the area being SO POOR, that you have to climb in order to get to your house. Something like this but all those boxes being containers. I somehow have to find a way for people to be able to come down, or some holes in the containers to make it believable. Stairs or alot of connected bridges might make it heavy and repetitive to the eye. In the end, the young and strong of the family might be the only ones going down the house and providing for the rest of the family!

I still want to incorporate houses being on top of each other and people having to climb to get to their house, but i have some layouts, to still decide on.

second picture is something like the reference but in a non/square building block environment. I was thinking that the "bridges" could be buildings inbetween the larger ones, holding and connecting them together like the picture below. I also have some human scaled squares for some size refference.

And finally, i have this layout that i will probably be sticking with, since it is something my friend wanted. I have to somehow change the mountains into buildings or some metallic place that holds those islands.I dont know, matrix style maybe.

This will also be a great time to add some everyday props and trash into my asset library. I want to make at least 5 small props per day, model and UV, and leave textures/sculpting for a later time, since its the fun part!

Since yesterday i created the container and a couple of props

and an awfull 10 minute rat. Outline from reference, extrude and bevel, seam down the middle and around the legs, will be placed mid-distance from camera.

boy there are sooo many things to add! Any ideas and critiques very welcome! I Have to learn about many things to be able to pull this through!!Excited!

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