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Animbreak June Animation Challenge #3 - Respawn

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jasonshum polygon

June Animbreak Animation Challenge is here! The theme is "Respawn".

Create a fun animation of a character respawning back into a game - think of the awesome ones that were done in Sunset Overdrive (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hZvMtYX2Zg)

Our prize this month is a 6 month membership to Long Winter Studios where you'll get access to almost 40 character rigs (https://longwintermembers.com/characters)!

- the theme is "Respawn"
- any rig, any medium, any length
- due by 6/30, post it on twitter, facebook, polycount or instagram, tag #animbreak and we'll pick the winner!
- We'll give a live critique on an upcoming review series to the winner!



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