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Hey everyone!

I'm a 3d-artist and gamedesigner working for a small indiestudio in germany who's working on a new gameprototype in his sparetime.
It's a just for fun project to 'get in touch' with the UnrealEngine4 and to improve my skills regarding realtime graphics in terms of lighting,quality, performance but also gameplay/gamedesign.

I don't want to talk too much about the gameplay/game mechanics because this is a place for graphics but the gameplay is a mixture between 'Alone in the Dark (1992)' and 'Outlast (2013)' but with more puzzle solving (Adventure-Horror-ExitGame). Of course it's nothing new in terms of gameplay but I have some ideas that could make this a solid prototype. The main features (inventory, some test puzzles, soundsystem and so on) are up and running so I decided to do the first graphic tests and scene setups.

The whole game is set in the late 50s and I wanted to do it completely black and white. I always loved the mood of the old black/white horror movies (Hitchcock/ Hammer Films) so I decided to recreate this mood.  For modeling I used 3dsmax. All assets were created by myself.

Hope you like it!  :)


Corridor Test Scene (UE4)

Some more InGame - screenshots (UI / Inventory objects)

Porch / Entry Scene Model

Porch /Entryscene lightsetup without materials (view from the porch to the street)


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