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Larry keyframe
Hello guys, I am at a point of learning the art of 3d where I am starting to see what I have to learn in order to specialize in a field. Truth is I like every damn aspect of 3d which makes it hard to specialize in something. So, I want to ask, does an environmental artist know about human anatomy forsculpting characters, and does a character artist know techniques for making tileables and vegetation and spells and stuff like that? I understand that the more you know, the better for you, how much time to invest in everything before you specialise in something? Do I have to know about anatomy , scene lighting, complex shape modeling  and animation before I start focusing on one thing? They seem alot to learn but its a good thing I find it exciting as well.

This is my opinion on different parts of 3d

Character artist : I like the process of creation and fashion on a character, being able to manipulate their haircut and clothes.

Prop artist is probably the least tedious of them all, since you change models quickly and not stay on one thing for too long..

Environmental artist: I do like creating scenery and probably have more flexibility in placing my own touch in it,and it probably needs less precision than organic models to make them look real, like prop artist

Vfx artist is most likely what I like most incoperating as a secondary skill because I like creating spell effects,mist dust fire etc.

Animation is only appealing to me for creating better topology and vfx paths.

Texturing is so and so, I know I can make decent textures but I know this wont be my strong point.

About rendering and lighting,this is the hardest for me to find how to get better since i am self taught, so the only way is trial and error here until I get decent.

So can anyone give me any insight or information that might help?


  • AgelosAp
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    AgelosAp greentooth
    Hey @Larry, if you have a preference of field now I think you should follow it even if it is slight. No reason to hold off and learn a bunch of stuff you may never use, like if you were to become a character artist you may never need to learn how to construct a terrain in an engine.
    Some things you may come across in a team environment and learn out of curiosity or necessity even though it isn't your specialty.
    That said at the same time if you like every aspect now and can't decide, start going deeper in each and see what you prefer. You may find one role more tedious if you repeat the task a bunch of times than having a more generic feel of the work.

  • Eric Chadwick
    If your to find employment, then I would recommend getting really good at one particular discipline. Get your artwork up to industry standard in that one field. That's hard enough.

    Then if you've attained that you can start to branch out. But be disciplined and stick with it. That's where the majority of people fail, they balk at putting in the effort and the hours.
  • Larry
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    Larry keyframe
    @AgelosAp thanks for the input, now that you mention about the task being tedious, i will keep an eye on that

    @Eric Chadwick the thing is that i currently lack knowledge on specific areas to fully say that i want to pursue a specific thing. I started getting into anatomy for character creation and some props but i'm yet to explore the other areas a little more in depth. I'm saying this because i am also aware that character artists are the majority out there looking for job, and truth be said, in that specific area the competition is reeeally high isn't it?
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
    @Larry Givena  lack of knolwedge, as someone has said before, your next best thing is to follow your instinct somewhat on this.  Lean into what you're naturally inclined to work on, and be constantly aware of where that is pushing.
  • MisterWolfen
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    MisterWolfen polycounter lvl 2
    New-ish user here, i'm in the same boat dude, finishing my course at the end of the year and struggling to decide whether to do environments or character.

    I think that whichever one you have even a slight preference over others is the one you should go with. I've been leaning towards characters for a long while, and it's best to just pick something and start on that road rather than waiting to decide. Even if you find out it's not for you, don't feel discouraged to try the next specialization, or just stick with the one you picked until it is for you  :D
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