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After spending 1 year of nonstop development, my VR 3D Modeilng studio is finally finished

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I hope you guys like it.  It's the most ambitious thing I've ever taken on

Features below (I likely forgot many)

  • Object edit mode: Rotate, translate scale, select entire objects and manipulate their transforms.

  • Includes real-world unit system for editing absolute position and scale of objects in meters. Prefabs: Plane, Cube, Sphere, Torus, Cylinder, Sketch (draw in 3D), Terrain height map (image based), Text (supports custom ttf fonts)

  • Polygonal edit mode (think like blender or maya): extrude, live polycount reduction (quadratic mesh simplification), UV texcoord editing, subdivide, laplacian smooth, vertex weld, VR wand-based dragging, grabbing objects & polygonal selections via grip buttons.

  • VR Locomotion: Teleport and Fly tool.

  • VR Skyboxes environments: Includes Blue sky, gray sky, light grey environments (or can be disabled).

  • IVR (immersive VR) scale setting via simple control to easily dial in scale of entire scene.

  • Left-handed controller mode.

  • Multiple editable lights

  • Material editing: reflective/refractive environment mapping, bump mapping, Toon shading, Runs custom GLSL shaders created in other versions of the app

  • File importing: FBX, DAE, OBJ, and more

  • File Exporting: OBJ and vsxproj (verto studio)

  • Concurrent editing features (drop into desktop editor while in VR at the same time). In other words this VR application includes an entire desktop 3D modeling application.

Prob other stuff I forgot to mention...


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