Showreel for modelling/texturing/generalist position?

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Johnnynapalmsc greentooth
Hey guys,

I am starting to apply for CG Generalist and modeller positions. I have my portfolio here:
And I am planning on creating my showreel over the next few days. So I was just wondering, how effective is it to have a showreel for this sort of position? I always thought that showreel is to showcase your animation skills, but I've read that it's important for modelling/generalist positions as well? I suppose the showreel would then include turntables of models and such? Would you include still shots/renders in it as well, lets say taken directly from portfolio?



  • JordanN
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    JordanN interpolator
    I want to go into a junior hardsurface position and I was told to copy this demo reel.

    I was told variety was more important, so there's suppose to be a hardsurface prop, environment scene, vehicular prop and any organic modeling. And of course, only show the best props. Don't crowd the reel with anything that could bring the overall quality down.

  • Jonas Ronnegard
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    Jonas Ronnegard Polycount Sponsor
    Well usually when looking through portfolios you might have to look at hundreds of them, and at least for me a demo reel is not something I want to see unless it's effect or animation work.

    As for the demo reel above, the first prop ran for 35 seconds, and I think most would want to see the next thing in maybe 4 seconds, and I would probably not spend more then 30 seconds on a portfolio that I'm not incredibly interested in so for me the one above would not be good to show to potential employers, might depend on the company as well, if it's a smaller company they might have less applicants and a bit more time and patience to look at it.

    But that a demo reel is important for a modeling position I have never heard anyone say before, and it is usually the opposite,
    but sometimes schools make students do this thing.
  • samnwck
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    samnwck polycounter lvl 3
    From what I hear, people that look through portfolios like to quickly look through the work, and many like to just save pictures of the works from candidates that they like to pass on to other people in the hiring process, screenshotting a video complicates that. If it doesn't need to move, it shouldn't, keep it simple. Pictures more than suffice for texturing and modeling.  You can always post a video in conjunction with the other stuff but it definitely shouldn't be used as your primary way of presentation for modeling/ texturing.
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