[UE4] WIP - Alien / Star Citizen inspired Sci Fi corridor

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The title mentions only 2 prominent sources of influences, but the pool of inspiration is very large. Basically everything Sci-Fi since Alien.
It all started when i watched the 90 minutes documentation about the making of Alien (followed by the one about Aliens). 
I've been working on this for a while, but the project moved very slowly. Since i am seeing results in UE4  my motivation has improved significantly.
The whole exercise is an test of my new learned abilities, as well as an test of the Unreal Engine for me. I can say now that i am quite satisfied with both. 

I have created 5 unique wall-segments out of 8 for the left side of the corridor. More modular variations are also planned. The right side gets other unique + modular elements. The whole corridor is asymmetrical, right and left side pieces are not exchangeable.
I have an idea how it should look like but i am basically making it up as i go.
It definitely needs more cables, pipes and heavy machines.
I am waiting for the new UE4 release so that i can flood the scene with volumetric light and maybe even volumetric smoke.

Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, Krita, UE4

The next piece.


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