Post Apocalyptic Theory and Level Design - WIP

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GinaRibbons polycounter lvl 3
Hey guys! First topic here! I've been meaning to showcase and get critique on previous work, but better late than never! 
This post would eventually showcase my work, but i was wondering if anyone could direct me to any useful links to develop an apocalyptic level, and anyone who has gone through this development in detail?

It's a massive community and I would be sincerely grateful if anyone could contribute. <3 


  • marcusfairbairn
    Hi, I recently finished my post-apocalyptic environment, it involved gathering a ton of reference and using this to create a completely unique and non-existing environment :
  • lucasz
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    lucasz polycounter lvl 2 - very detailed breakdown ( last of us - fanart )
  • GinaRibbons
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    GinaRibbons polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you guys, i should of responded sooner, need to upload progress! 
  • GinaRibbons
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    GinaRibbons polycounter lvl 3

    So this currently what i am working on, the interior design is set in a pub (childhood one which has been closed down and boarded up), and i'm purely doing this on memory because the internet lacks photographs of what it was like. Which puts my references in 'non-existent' mode.
    Anyway!! So this is basically my first thread and would like pointers, advise and help as i need Modular design research which can get me to improve my level/asset creation. 
    The bar itself is modular apart from the corner, along with the hand rail and foot bar. 
    The wall you see in the back is one of many variations i've made so that photo will be posted soon, and the back bar unit is just one asset.

    I'm get to show my variations of walls, and 'wall seating (booth)'. I need to start planning how to tackle the floor as i would like to use variation through textures, but i have a feeling ill mess up on that. 

    If anyone has any modular videos they've done or tutorials, either modelling, texturing or UE4 level creation, PLEEEEEEEEASE could you post a link???

     I'm very new to this workflow and i'm not gonna lie, but a year experience in UE4  :#  

    Thank-you for reading and even clicking on this post! Any help would be much appreciated! 

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