Clothing in Zbrush and other questions

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Larry keyframe
Hello guys, I am learning Zbrush by myself and i would like to ask about a technique I see alot yet dont kinda know how to approach it. 

Say we have a character that is not a single mesh, and there is no body underneath the clothing. So the subtools are clothes head hands feet. How do you create those? Do you split the base mesh into these parts and work from there? Do you extract the geometry from masking(for the clothes), then delete the inside?  Do you create the uvs before you start sculpting a character or after it is finished?

And a question for the enviromental part. Say we make an open area scene, do we build/sculpt the ground and every individual rock, and vegetation? I understand we can use hair techniques for the grass but all the rest?

And how can we bake an extra object onto another one? Lets say a spiral around a cylinder. I want only the cylinder but I want to bake the spiral on it.

Thank you for your time guys, its difficult without a teacher or a mentor to overcome some things that could seem pretty simple... 


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