[UE4] 'Whispering Dragons' Environment (Concept by James Paick)

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Funny story really... I completed the ArtStation Challenge and after 2 months of heavily grinding all those long hours essentially left me in trauma once it all came to an end... I've been on an emotional roller coaster struggling with this one lingering question, "So... What do i do now....?"... Spending weeks playing games, watching movies and relaxing just isn't something I want to do and time is art... so here is the new environment I'll be working on in my spare time to deal with my post-challenge withdrawal symptoms lol...

Original concept was by the legendary James Paick and was originally named "Dragon Light Cathedral", I've loved this concept for years now and I was never confident enough to want to tackle this so I'm opening a new page in my book of fears and finally having a shot at this one.

I have named this project "Whispering Dragon's" for the backstory that this temple was used to communicate with ancient lost dragon spirits that they spiritually link to great warriors under an energy crystal located at the back of the temple which I will be adding later on (by the windows, centre of the dome)

Here's my current block out.

C&C Welcome.



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