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11 second club May 2017

The first draft of this months 11 second club, would love any feedback yall have for me. 


  • Arturow
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    Arturow polycounter
    Hello sethdenglish :)

    Good start! I have some notes:
    - Syncsketch would be better to review since we can leave feedback on the exact frames :)https://syncsketch.com/
    - Try to hide the joints from the characters because that is taking visibility from the mesh, it's very noticeable in the mouth of the ---> guy
    - For the lipsync, you need to separate the words into phonemes, here is an example from Preston Blair http://minyos.its.rmit.edu.au/aim/a_notes/a_images/p_blair_mouths.gif .Right now they are talking like puppets
    - Try to add a little bit of breathing to the ---> character since it gets frozen almost the entire animation :)
    - For the <--- guy try to add some rotation to his shoulders, like when he lean back in "dying" the entire torso looks static, with this, you will help the arms to not feel robotic too.
    - His left hand is stuck on that bread, maybe if you move it a little while he goes back it will help :)
    - There are pops in the elbows, you can fix them just by adjusting the shoulders :).

    Hope it helps :) keep going!

  • AnthonyAnimation
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    AnthonyAnimation greentooth
    On top of what @Arturow said, I'd focus on body mechanics and posing before worrying about lipsync. Most of communication is through body language. If you're having trouble thinking of how a character would move or act while they talk, try it yourself! Act it out a few different ways and pay attention to what your body does.

    As for lipsync, phonemes are an option, I prefer a different workflow. It really depends on what you're comfortable with. I separate the process into three passes.

    -The first pass is doing only the up and down of the jaw. Putting your hand underneath your mouth and talking it out helps with this phase.
    -Second pass is the ins and outs of the mouth. You should have a pretty convincing result at this stage.
    -Third pass is focusing on how each shape moves into one another and dealing with custom shapes.

  • sethdenglish
    Hey Guys, thanks so much for the great Crit! I realized that my notifications for email were turned off. Therefore I didn't see yall commented until I came to add a second update. I went ahead and used sync sketch and youtube this time and will try to incorporate all of your crit into the next update!

  • sethdenglish
    One of the final playblasts before I render tomorrow, I would love to know what yall think! https://syncsketch.com/pro/#project/4965/reviewsTab/156341
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