Lighting studies.

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I want to improve my lighting both technically and artistic, so I will challenge myself with some different types of lighting.
The main focus will be to take reference and recreate that as good as I can. Adding some things that I think improves upon it.

First challenge is to recreate some lighting scenarios from Taboo.
Luckily my classmate Michael Hansen :
made a James Delaney bust for his portfolio that I could use for the studies.
Thank you!

If you also want to improve on your lighting, you can hopefully learn with me. All lighting feedback and questions are welcome.


Then by using the realistic character scene that Epic have in there learn section of UE4.
I changed those material with skin and hair to Michaels textures.

Then I changed the camera to a cinematic one and tried different setting and redid lighting from scratch with point lights.
Added a plane with a book shelf to try as background.


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