Artstation Game Environment Art Challenge - Ancient Planetarium

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Zocky polycounter lvl 7
Well, i'll try to be short, little tired from the challange itself but, anyhow...
This is my final entry for Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found at Artstation.

More about challange here:

My entry:

While challange is official over for me, if anyone has any comment, it would be still good to hear it, so i know what to fix in future.

Some screenshots:
High res:

Low res:





  • fishcupcake
    This looks cool! I love the atmosphere! 
  • Zocky
  • BunnyLoveSu
    Great job! I really like the colours of the piece, the jade colour of the globe actually goes really well with the sakura trees. The contrast in the architecture's egyptic theme to the eastern feel of the flora gives a unique style too, imo. :blush:
  • lotet
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    lotet quad damage
    Surprised this hasnt more comments. really love The beauty shot, almost looks painted.
    Im amazed by how much mileage you managed to get out of those few props.
  • Zocky
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    Zocky polycounter lvl 7
    Tnx a lot both of you!

    Yeah, colors.....that was pretty damn tricky, since that's still is a it of a my weak point; i know some basic theory, sure, but always admired some of the people on artstation, a lot of times from asia iirc, how they manage to merge together in such an awesome ways, so many different colors...

    Basically, i started with architecture as it is now, but with blue globe and cyan trees, but that didn't really work since blue was calm, and globe totally didn't stand out. So i eventually changed trees to slightly more like japanese sakura trees, and thought to bring higher contrast to the center; since i had orange-bright purple with the trees vs arc, i thought i'd try to push green globe with something red on it, which would still kinda mash up ok with the orange/purple contrast, so it kinda worked well at the end i guess.

    and lotet, i dunno, i feel like there's still lot of repeating going on, that's why i tried to some emmision on some pillars to avoid that to some degree, and changed camera angle so that it's even less noticable.

    Anyhow, tnx a lot for your comments!
  • MitchNew
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    MitchNew vertex
    If you didn't win, that would be a surprise, I saw this and immediately though "wow that's colorful and detailed."
    It looks like it has slight implementations of steampunk-ish features mixed with natural elements.
    I also really like how the globe really commands attention, it's really hard looking anywhere else in the picture without looking at the globe.
  • Zocky
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    Zocky polycounter lvl 7

    Nah, didn't win, too many amazing entries, but i did learn a ton, thanks to some great advice from other contenders.

    Yeah, i wanted to hint that there is indeed something more to the scene, some sort of power source, either steampunk or otherwise.
    And yeah, people kept complaining that globe wasn't really in the focus, so i tried to really push for it.
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