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Hi Polycount, this is my first topic and I am glad to present to our very first indie game developped with Unity3D for Android

Chase The Rabbit VR

Android - VR/no-VR - 2017

"If a rabbit's paw brings happiness, what happened to the rabbit?"

Who are you ?

Protokoll Studio was created by two guys which wants to make games on mobile/PC, with the new VR gears on the market. This studio is based in Switzerland

  • We want to learn and discover current technologies on the market and use them in our products.
  • Drawing, speaking, dreaming, writing gives us universes where the player can do whatever he wishes to do.
  • We want to deliver original gameplays, stories and ideas for our players.

What about this... Game ?

This game is our first game. We are proud to show you what we built and what we learn with the virtual reality and Unity.

With this little game you'll be able to try and discover a low-poly world with or without your VR glasses. Your goal is to explore, to find and to chase a rabbit in photo and to find what is going on in this place.

If you want to play in VR, you need to have a remote controller

Where can I donwload this game ?

You can download the game on Google Play : Download

Can we follow you ?

Of course. Here are some links :

C&C are welcome. We want to improve our skills for our next indie game

Thank you for your reading and best regards :smile:

Protokoll Studio


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