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Free Checker Pattern Texture

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EliasWick polycounter lvl 8
Hey, you guys over in the Technical Talk have given me so much help lately and I thought of giving back in the little way that I can.
I am currently working on a game and thought of developing my own Checker Pattern for Texel Density. All textures that I find online has been compressed in some way, so I made my own.

I have added a zip-file that includes:
* One .PDS that contains the design
* 20 Textures
* 5 Colour variants
* 4 Sizes (512, 1024, 2048, 4096)

Feel free to do whatever you want with them.
There is no need to credit me if you use them.
Admins are allowed to add them on to the Wiki page if they want.

Have a good day!
Edit: Sorry for posting this in the wrong Thread.

Here is an example of the texture: Colour 1, 1024x1024


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