Creases/Edge Weights from MODO are not being carried over to ZBrush via FBX

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DerRazputin polycounter lvl 4
OK, here is what's been giving me a headache:
I like to transfer geometry between ZBrush and MODO and make great use of creases and Dynamic Subdiv in ZBrush to keep my geometry nice and clean.
I know that OBJ doesn't retain creasing information, so I use FBX as an exchange format. However, it seems that I'm only able to transfer creases one way: ZBrush -> MODO
Every edge weight I touch in MODO ends up being zeroed out in ZBrush. Tried all kinds of values (from 100% edge weight to whatever ridiculous number). I've also played with smoothing groups, etc. The only way I've been able to get my information over to ZBrush is through Maya which I would like to avoid.
Any suggestions?
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