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I finished the game a few weeks ago and I'm still riding the high. I love how effortless the texturing looks while still containing loads of detail. Since lifeisstangefans.com is running an environment contest, I though I would make my version of Rachael's room (which does not appear in the game). I scrambled to put something together in a week, but now I'm thinking about what could be improved. I'm also trying out different light setups, looking at parts of the game and trying to mimic the effect.

My contest entry:

tweaked "golden hour" lighting:

daytime lighting  (obviously incorrect, the sun shouldn't be in the same position) :

night lighting:


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    Still thinking through this. I took a detour to learn Marvelous and used it to redo the comforter and tapestry. 

    I'm not sure about that mannequin. Its story is that it's a junkyard find and I like that it alludes to Rachel's dreams of modeling, but I worry it draws too much attention to itself. I watched a GDC talk about Uncharted 4's environment design and the speaker talked about how at one point Drake and Elena had a tiki bar in their living room. Even though everyone thought it was a cool idea, it was conspicuous and didn't add anything to the story so it got cut. I think the mannequin might be my tiki bar, but I'm not quite ready to give it up.

    Bunch of posters:

    The process for these was to find a stock image and trace over it with some creative edits.

    I spent a lot of time trying to get just the right scribbled look, but at one point I looked up actual textures from Max's room and realized I was way overthinking it. The actual game is far from "handpainted," it's more a hodgepodge of scribbles, photobashing, overpainted bakes, and cutout filters.

    But that's why I love it so much, the result looks like it was thrown together and not at all labored over. It looks like whoever made it had a fun time.

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    This looks really pretty :) I'd really like to play this game soon.
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