[Need help] The Normals on some faces are weird shadered...

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I don't know if this is caused by substance, UE4 or the "User" (me), but i really need help. I hope you can help me find out what is going on? I've post it allready in my WIP threat. But i hope I can find here more response to this issue.

Original Post:
I need help! I'm grappling with an really weird Normal Problem by exporting from SP2 to UE4.

I really don't know why, but on some faces are getting shadet with an weird "X" normal problem.

SP2: No Problems

UE4: Problems
SP2 Normal


For testing I've baked also with knald... I'm getting nearly the same issues:

Knald Normals:

I'm really desperate!!! I don't know how to fix it!!!

Additional info:
  • Normals are set correctly in UE4 (DTX5, BC5 on DX11)
  • -Y baked (Direct X) (NO openGL)
  • Baked with SP2 => "Compute Tangent space per fragment" is chacked
  • Every UV-Chunk got his own smoothing group (4smoothing groups for the complete mesh)

Baked Normal map SP2:

Baked Normal map KNALD:

I really dont get it...


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