Selling Assets - Guidance? Middle-man?

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I've been really interested in selling assets in the Unreal/ Unity market place for about a year now, but whenever I start looking into the logistics and technical side of things (setting up the demo scene, file organization, continued support after release) I get overwhelmed and the up front labor costs seem to outweigh the monetary benefit, partially because it's hard to tell how much money you could pull in from a pack. There's also the legal side of things, taxes, etc. 

I've searched the forum and dipped my toes in the process enough to have a gras, but I'd really love to talk to someone 1 on 1 about the experience.

I'd also be interested in knowing if there are any "middle-man" services/ freelance employers who take care of the business/marketing side of things and allow the artist to focus on making the assets in exchange for a % of the profits. 


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