Shelling System - Blockout and Measurement Tool Level Design and Arch Viz

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Sythen polycounter lvl 6

The Shelling System is a must for Level Designers who want to get the job done fast. Featuring a fully customizable measuring system, a quick, single select for rescaling objects and 33 types of objects to choose from - Your levels will be awesome.

+ White Box Mode - Quickly hide all measurements, and assign a gray material, with one checkbox.
+ Measurements in Millimeters, Centimeters, or Meters.
+ Position measurements at corners or the center,
+ Scale, font color, and grid color.
+ Choose which face to display Measurements,
+ Bounding Box, to get a better idea of mesh positioning.
+World-space Grid Material.



Overview video on features to come later today. Would love to hear feedback! 


  • HeadClot
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    HeadClot polycounter lvl 7
    I have been using this since it launched. Awesome tool for exact measurements and the like.
    This will save anyone looking to design white box level allot of time. :)

    This is a winner in my book :)
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