Sudden baking issues.

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I've been using SP2.5 for ages now... and just recently it's turned around to me and started messing with my baking...

I'm getting this issue when I bake my normal maps on hard edges it's almost like my UV islands weren't split... or to better explain it if I bake a simple cube, all my edges come out looking like Average Normals has been checked off in the baker settings...

I've done this a million times, I've never had this issue until now... I actually tested this exact same mesh in SP1 and it bakes perfectly fine... so I'm really confused what's randomly caused SP2 to start doing this...

Although I don't recall seeing this warning before, so I assumed it could be something that may have caused it?

"[GPUIssuesCheck] The current TDR (GPU hang recovery) delay is low: 5s.

Substance Painter can be interrupted by the OS when doing a long computation.


However I followed the support advice and it didn't change anything and it still gives me this warning even though I increased the TDR Delay to 60.

I've uninstalled/reinstalled SP2, and even deleted it's cached settings in my Documents location in case any settings were changed etc but it's just behaving the same way. Any help would be very highly appreciated. It's already taken a day away from me in terms of project work unfortunately so I want to get this sorted asap. For the time being I'll probably resort to using SP1 instead to avoid this blocker.

SP2 Viewport:

UV Layout (With Extreme Padding Space):

Normal Map from SP2:

Comparison between maps from SP1 & SP2 viewed in Toolbag 3:


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