[WIP] Dark souls Plague knight

I'm making a Dark souls style knight that been plagued and corrupted by the environment.
This Is part of my final year at Uni course work so feed back would be nice.


  • Brandon_Otanez
    I've finished the high poly and started texturing.

  • Brandon_Otanez
    After texturing the knight I've posed the model and made a quick environment. At the moment I'm playing around with the lighting

  • BeserK
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    BeserK polycounter lvl 9
    I really like your high poly, there's some nice detail in there, the mushrooms could have used some size variation and perhaps been concentrated around the joins (tearing/bending around the joins in the process).
    It seems like you rushed the low poly, can we see an edges render?
    The natural hard edge on top of the visor seems most obvious to me.
    It looks like you used something like substance painter or ddo to do most of the texturing, can be great for time saving, but it looks like he's fallen through a rock tumbler.
    The sword looks very rushed as well, doesn't look sharp, metal grip, no real texture.
    The pose is super generic, I was hoping for a crestfallen warrior/run down character when I saw the original render.
    Higher resolutions as well would be great.
    Looking forward to an update!
  • Brandon_Otanez
    Thanks for the feed back.
    Here the wire frames.

    The high poly is heavy damaged so the textures done around that damaged why he looks so batted. Most of the textures where done in coat with a top up in substance painter.
    I'm not pleased with the sword but as I'm a uni student I had to rush it for now but i'm planning on going over it again if i have time or when i finished uni (28th of this month).
    I'm going for more than one pose but I did this one first so i could get the lighting right for one and the over poses should be easier after I've done one. 
  • BeserK
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    BeserK polycounter lvl 9
    That's a ton of triangles wasted on the mushrooms that could have been spent on the cape/chestplate/helmet.
    What's your triangle limit, if you have one?
    I think you could improve the model a lot just with texturing, some different materials or even just different metals would help break up the "one colour knight" look.
    Some rivets, leather layers on the legs, and some dirt like dust and mud, especially around the legs would make a good difference.
  • Brandon_Otanez
    Their was no tri count but I was aiming for about 45,000, The character is 43,000 half of that is the molds and mushrooms as i had to lowpoly them in zbrush as it was near impossible to it in maxs due to the way their made. 

    I re-textured some of the model I added mud, rust, dust and different metals as well.
    I also add rivets which can only be seen on one of the knee guards in the image above 
  • Pav3d
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    Pav3d sublime tool
    For the mushrooms and mold you could decimate them in zbrush, then import them into 3ds max and use the polydraw to create a low poly shell around them, the normal map would then be able to catch all the detail of the smaller mushrooms, the bigger ones would need to be individually low poly'd, but they wouldnt need much, probably a 12 sided cylinder would be enough. Also I would shrink the environment or dont use it at all, its distracting from the character at the moment. The high poly is a great concept it just needs more loving in the low poly and texturing stages, personally i wouldnt use such bright greens, especially on the mushrooms, dark souls (dark souls 3 at least) uses a lot of desturated colours.
  • Winstone
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    Winstone polycounter lvl 3
    @Berserk and  @Pav3d make great points. Use those precious triangles efficiently. Those small details can be really sold in your textures, so don't waste triangles on them. Use them to really develop your characters silhouette and overall shapes.
    Keep at it man. Great work so far!
  • Brandon_Otanez
    Thanks you all for your feed back I really appropriate it.
    I'm going to re-do the low-poly after uni as I have hand-in's next week.
    Iv'e re-textured the mold and mushrooms by changing the colours and material used for them.

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