The new paper-like tablet

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Larry keyframe
Hey guys, i've noticed an advertisement i got on facebook with this "ReMarkable tablet" which they state is like sketching on paper but it digitises it, and you can sync it with other devices so that others can see it live. I think a total pre-order cost is about 429(with 40% off from preordering) 716$ without the discount,and a little cheaper than cintique.

Now from their youtube video i can see in some parts that the resolution of it is rather small for high detail things but it might be a bad judgement. On a first look i think i'd buy a cintique, but it might be kinda better in some parts.Would this worth buying, i mean its a tablet and can be carried around, but im not really sure about how usefull would be that live sync functionality...



  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz interpolator
    The biggest issue with these sorts of things is normally the drivers and compatibility. Can't really help without knowing what product you're speaking of specifically.
  • Fuiosg
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    Fuiosg polycounter lvl 5
    yeah some links would help.
  • Eric Chadwick

    Looks pretty neat. I would love one of these. Not sure if it would replace my sketchbook, but might be really nice for note-taking at work.

    $429 is pretty pricey for a black/white only experience. Still, it's a very attractive use-case.

  • lotet
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    lotet quad damage
    huh...actually looks pretty cool. and yeah, pretty low prize aswell.  the black n white thing is probably whats gonna be the deal breaker  if anything.
  • blankslatejoe
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    blankslatejoe polycounter lvl 13
    Huh..not to be negative, but isn't this just e-ink combined with pen pressure input? I's a cool combo, but looks a lot like how drawing on an old kindle might look..complete with the e-ink refresh weirdness (definitely visible on when the people press UI buttons with fingers), limited pressure input (hard to tell), and lowish resolution (did I miss if they call that out?). On the plus side: if it's like a kindle "sketchbook" then the technology IS super light and IS super battery efficient...e-ink products can go weeks between charges...

    But I'd expect the price to be ~$200 for something like this...kind of more like a premium version of the other e-ink notetaker tablets out there.

  • throttlekitty
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    throttlekitty Polycount Sponsor
    Technologically speaking, yeah that's what it probably is, I don't know how much is lag vs. e-ink times, but it's pretty noticeable. But I think it's worth noting they've provided a whole package solution, assuming the software works well.

    Black & White doesn't bother me, but I really don't think this device can come close to replacing a pen or pencil and some paper for drawing with that delay. I've been using a Surface Book, and I still have troubles working with my old pen handstyles where the lag just kills me.

    I wonder what the images look like on a regular screen? Like when you export a pencil sketch from this to photoshop on a computer, do you get the raw raster/vector lines or does it convert the paper effect too?
  • pior
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    pior hero character
    As a matter of fact and if done very well this could be quite accurate - maybe even more than a cintiq, tablet pc or ipad pro depending on the input method. Cintiqs and similar require calibration because the positioning is inferred from a magnetic field as opposed to really detecting the tip of the cursor (and added imprecision because of the thickness of the glass), which is why these devices can feel very odd at times - especially for people with a heavy traditional background, naturally used to flawless input accuracy.

    If this little e-ink tablet uses absolute tip detection without the need for calibration this could be very smooth and precise.

    All that said, I have my doubts too, especially since as usual the promotional material is all kickstarter-esque, complete with annoying music and complete lack of technical specifications... The lag looks pretty bad indeed, and even good resistive screens like that of the DS can be imprecise because of the simplistic way they detect current. So as far as I am concerned I'd remain skeptical until more information is available :)
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    [Deleted User] insane polycounter
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  • fearian
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    fearian Polycount Sponsor
    noping really hard on the refresh rate. I have a surface book and due to the way the tablet portion is separated from the GPU/keyboard portion you can feel an ever so slight input lag drawing in Photoshop. It's comparable to the the new Wacom Intuos' wireless mode.

    this is so slight but it's not as invisible as the Cintiq - and it stands out compared to a wired intuos.

    The input lag on this looks awful. Obviously I've never tried it, but it looks great showing off sharp quick strokes, but a more measured controlled stroke looks kind of annoying. Maybe unrelated but that dudes handwritting was bad :P

    shitpost: I'm so used to the intuos 4 texture, I won't buy anything that doesn't emulate it perfectly, fuck paper :v
  • Chimp
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    Chimp interpolator
    agree with fearian regarding the input
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