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The Hero Tomb

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Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
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Hey Polycounters ! 

I want to share with you a little project I start working on lately, a scene called The Hero Tomb. Basically it's the Tomb of Link, decayed and forgotten.
I always really loved the world of Zelda, especially all the folklore and legends around it. My favorite part of that universe is the reincarnation of the hero. I'm also passionnate by architecture so I though why not merge those two ideas ? So I start wandering what could have look like an old Link tomb.

Of course it's an excuse to do a personnal piece on my free time, I hope I will finish it and it will worth a look.

Here are some of my references : 

My concepts Arts and Designs so far : 

And because it's a personnal project, I start with the hero asset :smile:  : 

Some Materials tests : 

Comments and critics are of course welcome !


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