The Starfighter

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Hello Polycount!

The Starfighter is a single-seat, multirole fighter, that excels at interception and escort missions. Advanced scouting and surveillance missions are possible, once outfitted with a probe in the designated socket in the fuselage. Capable of space and atmospheric flight, combined with vertical take off and landing abilities on most terrain, makes the Starfighter an extremely versatile light-weight and high performance craft.

Both wings can be mounted with universal pylons and carry a variety of offensive and defensive weapons or equipment. Due to its folding wing configuration the Starfighter is suitable for carrier based operation with limited deck space.

The SF’s cockpit doubles as an escape pod and life boat. In case of emergency, it detaches completely and will be ejected from the rest of the ship. Being maneuverable on its own, the pod can be piloted using the same interface used for the Starfighter.


IRay in Painter

Low/Highpoly modeling in Blender/Hardops, UVs, rigging and animation also Blender. Baking in Substance Designer(fully automated), texturing in Substance Painter. Rendering and Compositing in Blender(first 4 images)!

So much was learned from this project. For a start I knew next to nothing about rigging, but I always knew learning it would add a new dimension to my work. Happy to report that rigging is amazing in Blender, love it! I also haven't done any rendering in Blender before this, so I learned a lot about Cycles, the node trees and compositing in Blender.

Let me know what you think!


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