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Hi all. I'm a Sr. Concept artist working in the industry and am looking for some talented people to make Dota stuff with! I can handle the usuals: concept support, helping with art direction along the way, marketing images, and potentially texture work. I had a thread here some time (years) ago, but the links are all dead so I figured just toss up a new batch. Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if you're interested in working on anything here, would like to see more of my portfolio, or if you'd like to work on something else all together!

This is one I just wrapped up with the international in mind, though I think I may have gotten to it too late -- the deadline is in a month and a half and I'm not sure how long a set generally takes? I also tried to keep it the wave and anchor themed fairly subtle so I think it'd work beyond the intl. if that's the case.

Ugh I know, another axe. I created this one for myself to learn the entire process on a few months ago but ended up relocating overseas for work so I figure I'd make it fair game if anyone is interested.

and here's a collection of older work (already been created) just to flesh out the thread... I really like silhouettes :x

Thanks for reading all!


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