Rescuebusters - small Art Dump

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Here is my humble art dump from the educational mobile game, which was my first ever job as a 3D artist/character artist working on a video game. I was lucky to work on the two main characters of the game, the Max Shelter, and Buster(s). The company where I was working is Nopia, and the publisher of the game is Syrawise.

The original desigers of these characters were my boss/art director/CEO Teemu Erämaa, and a freelance concept artist/designer Sudhan Lakshmanan.

Rescuebusters is an interactive 3D-animated game that specialises in youth safety education. It is an unique teaching tool that brings practical examples alongside theoretical learning with animated, real-life based tasks. Rescuebusters offers a immersive world with distinctive, sympathetic characters, unique game mechanisms and development tracking which take teaching to a whole new level.

Final low poly models rendered in Unity, which is the game engine it's using.

Max Shelter - high poly

Buster - high poly

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