Alien Planet Museum Hall Exhibit

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I wanted to go for a larger personal project that really would get me exited.  what I wanted to do was go back to a childhood enthusiasm I got from going to the museum of natural history/nature and science as a little kid.  Looking at the dioramas was what made me want to do art for a living, looking at them and feeling "that's so cool! you can take a time and place and put in in a glass box and put it on display! :smile:".

What I am modeling is a wing of the Denver Museum of nature and science but with a spin on having the dioramas feature strange alien worlds.  I want to have all the informational plaques and displays but covering alien life and alien ecosystems.  

Here is a few of the reference pics I snapped during this weekend

Here is the first test pass after a few hours in UE4

Will keep updating this as it goes!


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