Normal Maps going horribly wrong after import in UE4

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Hey guys, I'm not exactly sure when this started but all I know is it's been a consistent issue with Substance and UE4 for me recently...
Ever since I upgraded to anything higher than UE4 4.13... all my maps have been importing wrong and made my life a living hell.

I've tried trying it in new projects and it will continue to behave this way.

I'm currently doing an art challenge for ArtStation and the level's already pretty damn ambitious and having these issues still messing with me has got me pulling my hair out atm.

If I import a normal from substance painter, it doesn't shade properly... it almost seems like the normal just tears the model normals apart and if I import from Substance Designer via .SBSAR the normal comes out yellow and broken.

I can't find any other threads regarding this issue and I'm curious to know what I can do about it...

Model with all textures working except for Normal map.

Model with no texture information

Model with all texture maps including normal.

Normal Texture imported via "Export Outputs" in SD6 as .TGA files.

Close up of the normal map being imported via .SBSAR

The texture map looks and behaves fine in SD...

However what I've done to make things work recently is to change the normal map settings from Normal Map DXT5 to Default DXT1/5 and only with textures I export from Substance Designer/Substance Painter via saved image files, so I haven't been able to use a .SBSAR file import for some time now... Although having this quick fix solution somewhat works for now there are still issues with the maps when using normal maps on baked models from Substance Painter, any help is very appreciated... This is an urgent matter on my end since it's more or less a blocker.

Thank you for your time.


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    Testing this further... I went back to 4.13 to restart my level because I was sick of the blocker... it seems the issue still presents itself in this version too... however... it seems to only happen when I use a material I've created in the editor... I imported a .SBSAR file into UE4 and the material it creates seems to shade my models just fine but the material I created via right click > create material in the content browser ended up behaving the same way as it did in 4.15... I'm really confused to what may have happened with my UE4, any help is really needed right now. Thanks everyone.
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    Can you post up your UV's and how you set up your materials in ue4?
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    I don't think the UVs are causing any of the normal issues since I'm using all tiling textures and no baked normals.
    Also, the material setup is basic. It only has texture samples plugged into their designated slot albedo/roughness/metallic/normal

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    this is pretty weird.  I haven't tested 4.15 yet, I'm on 4.14.
    what I do know is on the new versions of unreal (4.14 and above it seems), substance plugin is a bit bugged. the blue channel of normal maps imported are hidden, but the normal maps should be totally fine and functional.
    I've had this thing happen to me as well and asked over at Allego discord channel to get the answer above from one of the devs.
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