First Animation Specialist Demo Reel

Hi, all! I just went through my first animation portfolio defence and it went pretty well. I just wanted to see if I can get some extra critiques to push my work further. I plan to replace the last walk cycle with a quadruped walk cycle, as well as add a lip sync, walk to run and creature animation.


  • KyleG
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    KyleG polycounter lvl 2
    First shot of guy looking around - feels a bit unpolished - like Maya is doing a lot of the inbetweens. The blinks feels very quick and sort of just dropped in. I would move the blinks more where he has a big head move. 
    The hand pose on the chin could use some work - mainly the thumb - something more like this
    The finger point up at the end - everything is moving & stopping at the same time - try and break up those motions more

    Second shot of Mery - this is essentially the same test as your previous one - a character looking around. I would remove one of these instead of showing essentially the same thing twice.

    Walk Cycle - get some side to side shift in the body as well - when one leg is off the ground the body needs to shift its weight over onto the planted foot

    Second Walk Cycle - feels like there's some hitches/pops in this cycle. Similar note as above about getting some more weight shift in there

  • Arturow
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    Arturow interpolator
    Hello Pyronatic

    - Smooth the eyes from the first shot unless that's the approach you wanted :) it looks weird and the geometry cut from the rest of the mesh.
    - Also, his chest and shoulders never move, try to connect the different parts of the body to each reaction :)
    - When he looks don't stop him like he hit a wall, try to smooth the entire movement :) video reference helps a lot!
    - With the Mery one, be careful with expresions, there she looks kind of robotic, I would blend the expression while she is turning and not after.
    - Here is a video tutorial for eye blinks and blinks for direction. It may help a bit :). Instructed by animator Garrett Shikuma

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